Top Data and Contact Tools for the Trades aka "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"

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Jun 14, 2024

Ranking data tools for home service businesses: Top 12 contact and property data providers. "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"

There are a number of places to find contact information to grow your customer base. We’ve got a list of data providers to help you find property data and customer contact information for outbound marketing. We've broken this down into the 'good-ish' that have property info and a user interface, the 'bad fits' that generally don't focus on home service relevant data, and 'the ugly' that are either difficult to use or don't provide a user interface.

The Good(ish):

PropertyRadar - Starts at $149/month - This platform has very deep property data, some great map interface tools and offers unlimited search capabilities for a monthly feel. Contact information is purchased with additional credits and they offer some outreach tools. The system seems very strong in the real estate market segment. 

Data Axel - Sales Genie - Free Trial with contacts purchase for 25-75 cents - The data is focused mostly on filtering by property details if you need to build a list for outbound mailers and want to filter to homes with specific aspects like value and age. 

The Bad (fits):

ZoomInfo - Free trial, pricing starts around $200/month - you pay per user - This is the gold standard of business contact data providers. They have a great set of software tools including a chrome extension and other enterprise tools (call recording, etc…) - they focus on business data and do not mention property information or home services on their website. You can integrate this tool to just about anything else you are using to enrich data and contact information. 

Apollo - Free trial and some test credits included $49-$149 per month for each user - A new entrant in the business contact eco-system. They have a ton of data, low(ish) pricing and also include some outreach email and call tools - their integrations are robust and they offer a monthly contract option. For business data, this is a very strong contender. 

PeopleData Labs - Priced per API Call. Pricing varies on data but is in the 25 cents and up range - This is an API (integration) only system that is geared towards tech companies who are looking to sourced data for their software products. The data is really broad and robust but you will need a way to interface with them via API vs spreadsheets or a user interface. - $79/month per user or $179/month per user - Pricing includes a fixed number of credits (you can buy more). They focus on having ‘verified’ phone/email information so you are getting high quality data. They have a very nice user interface and offer 50 free leads in their trial. There isn’t any focus on home services or property information so you are likely getting good contacts without any property filtration or context for Home Services. 

Data Axel - Exact Data - Pricing is per record from a couple of cents to a couple of dollars - depending on the data you are looking for - This is not a home service or property specific data provider but they have a very large data set that you can purchase on a per record basis and limit by specific geography. You’ll likely need to spend time ‘cleaning’ up the list you purchase to filter out contacts that are not an exact match. You can work with their team and have a list sent over to you in a spreadsheet. 

The Ugly:

ListSource - Free way to build a list, you pay for the output on a per address basis - The list builder has a number of filters and centers on property information and address data. You get the list sent over to you and can then use it in your outbound marketing platform. 

LeadsPlease - 9-20 cents per record - List builder with delivery via spreadsheet - does not list any integrations or outreach tools - They offer emails and include some property record filtering. This tool does not list home services as a focus but gives a low cost list option. 

DataMan - No pricing listed - Appears to be sending spreadsheet updates on a regular basis to subscribers. They list insurance agents, mortgage brokers, water quality dealers and several other niche markets as areas of focus. They offer a postcard mailing product for outbound. 

Data To Leads - $299 - $2,500/month - They focus on contact information for sales teams and list homeowner information as an offering. They also allow you to resell your own data through their platform or white label their solution and repackage their system (which seems unique). 

DataMasters - Pricing is on a per record basis starting from a couple of cents and up - With a focus on auto they have a ton of sub vertical lists and offer a broad range of contact points (email, addresses, phone, social media). They appear to have pre-curated lists for many use cases and provide data in spreadsheet formats. There isn’t anything showing a software interface being available.