Podcasts For The Trades

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Aug 14, 2023

Podcasts for the Trades

With so many online resources to learn about the trades, we’ve compiled some resources to help you learn on the go. Because we know that in the trades, everyone is constantly moving, which makes podcast content a great way to stay up to date while not having to slow down. Links are included with each listed resource.

Pest Control - The Boardroom Buzz

Hosted by Patrick Baldwin and Paul Giannamore, is the go-to resource for cutting-edge insights on strategy, valuation and mergers & acquisitions in the service industry.

Pest Control - PMP Industry Insiders

Dan Gordon (PCO Bookkeepers) and Donnie Shelton (Triangle Home Services) will be sharing industry news and hosting other industry leaders to tell their stories and share expertise. 

Pest Control - Pest Control Marketing Domination

Learn how to grow your pest control business substantially with the best online marketing strategies. Don't be fooled by software salespeople or SEO gurus. Master the art of digital marketing and advertising without all the confusing techno-babble that many use to confuse you. 

Pest Control Millionaire

Helping small business owners scale their lawn and pest companies by talking to industry experts. Hosted by Jonas Olson. 

Plumbing - Potty Talk

I'm Richard Behney, The Million Dollar Plumber and I teach the "business" of plumbing -- everything from how to start a plumbing business and grow a plumbing business. To showing you how to figure your pricing correctly, find new customers, hire the best plumbers, brand your plumbing company to stand out in your market, increase your online presence and everything in between.

Plumbing - The Heating and Plumbing Show

Andy Cam gives you the week's rundown from the world of plumbing with all the best stories, tips and interviews with some of the world's best plumbers. 

Plumbing - Plumbing School

All things plumbing. Educational podcast focusing on all aspects of the plumbing trade. Service, repair, new construction, etc. 

Lawn - Mike Andes Podcast

Learn how to start and run a successful business! -

These podcast episodes are short, digestible, actionable tips to get your business off the ground and become successful. 

Lawn - Lawn Care Business Success

Learn to start and grow a successful lawn care business. 

Lawn - Lawn Care Talk

Thank you guys for listening to my podcast as we talk about lawn care equipment, thoughts, issues, tips and so much more as a solo operator lets get it! 

Lawn - Green Industry Podcast

Unleash your lawn care business’s full potential with Paul Jamison’s expert guidance, top tier resources, and powerful tools. 

Electrician - Electrician U

Electrician U is a learning and teaching platform that explains all components, theory, and ideology behind being an electrician. If you’re looking to figure out "what is a capacitor, how does induction work, how do I bend 3/4" rigid conduit" – all of these topics will be covered. This is for electricians or anyone in the electrical trade. 

Electrician - Electrify - Electrician Live

The Electrical Industries FIRST weekly Podcast Series dedicated to Electricians 

HVAC - Smart HVAC Marketing

The podcast for HVAC contractors who are ready to grow their business. On this show, you‘ll gain actionable insight from HVAC contractors across the country on how they use marketing to grow their business. 

HVAC - Strategic HVAC Sales

Here on the Strategic HVAC Sales Podcast we bring more than just an awesome sales process to the table. We dive deep and discuss topics that help individuals reach new heights in the field of personal development, sales and successful mindsets. 

HVAC - HVAC School

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